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Alecia O’Brien

What is your name, and where are you from?

My name is Alecia O’Brien, and I am from Saint John, NB.

What position do you play?

I am a pitcher. However, I do play a bit of outfield and shortstop as well.

What is your favorite thing about the game of softball?

I would have to say it is a combination of the following things:

●The intensity/adrenaline rush I field when I’m on the field;
● The friendships I’ve made from teammates all over the world;
● The bond you have with your teammates, knowing you are all working towards the same goals/ pushing each other to be better.

What schools did you attend while playing fastpitch?

I split my time at 2 different schools. I played 2 years at Tabor College, in Hillsborough, Kansa. Tabor College is a Division 2 college in the NCAA. I then spent 2 years at Rose State College, in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Rose State is a NCAA Division 1 softball college, where I studied Sport Management.

What is it like being a student-athlete?

Being a student-athlete is a MAJOR commitment.
● You have to have the mindset that when you are playing, you are there to perform. You have a job to do.
● Putting in the extra work on your downtime is expected. Many times I would connect with my catcher at 9:00 or 10:00pm to go to the practice facility to practice.
● You are also expected to maintain your marks, by keeping a minimum GPA.
● Performing in school is taken just as seriously as performing on the field.
● If you put in the work and stay committed through the recruitment process, it will be the best decision of your life!

What does a typical week as a student-athlete look like?

● Wake-up early. Around 5:30 (3 days a week) to be at workouts for 6am;
● Run 1 mile then head to the gym to begin workouts;
● Be to class by 8:00;
● Classes from 8:00-2:00;
● Practice begins at 3:00 but if you’re not there by 2:30 you are considered “late”;
● Practice for at least 3-4 hours;
● Find time to do schoolwork while maintaining a minimum GPA to remain on the team;
● Play about 2-4 games typically on the weekends.

During Season
● Classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays;
● Play double-headers on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays (total of 6 games per week);
● Travelling for 4 of 6 games a week;
● Practicing on days you don’t play games;
● Most of the time homework gets done on bus while travelling to or from games.

Where is your favorite place softball has taken you?

I would definitely have to say Texas.

What are some recruitment practices you would recommend to an NB athlete considering playing for a university?

● It is a long process. Step 1 is to be 100% committed to it.
●Create a player profile. Gather stats any stats and/or awards you have received. Be detailed. You need to sell yourself!
● Create a video of yourself (in my case pitching, and showing different pitches I can throw).
● Research – look into schools that offer what you want to study, and send emails and make phone calls directly to the schools.
● Take visits to the schools you’re interested in. Make sure it’s a good fit before making your decision.
● Don’t let the work scare you!