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2022 AGM

2022 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 30th, 2022 at 10:00am, at the Fredericton Inn Royal Stewart Room.
2022 Annual General Meeting Registration
2022 Annual General Meeting Agenda
2022 Annual General Meeting Booklet

Notice Of Motions

Softball New Brunswick has one (1) notice of motion to submit for voting at the 2022 Annual General Meeting. Please see the notice of motion below.


Election of Officers

President (Two Year Term)

Coaching Coordinator (Two Year Term)

Minor Male Coordinator (Two Year Term)

Adult Coordinator (Two Year Term)

Election Nominations Procedure (*New in 2022)

Any member in good standing, who are eighteen (18) years of age or older may be nominated for elections held during S.N.B. Inc. AGM. The member may submit a written nomination (letter/email) to the Softball New Brunswick Executive Director (or designate) for a candidate to be elected to the Board Directors. All nominations must be accompanied by a letter of approval from the individual being nominated. Notice of nomination and copy of the letter of approval must be submitted to the Executive Director (or designate) a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. If no nominations are received fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting, only then can nominations come from the floor, as long as the nomination is accompanied by a seconder. If the nominee from the floor is not present at the Annual General Meeting, he/she must submit written approval (letter or email) to the Executive Director (or designate) prior to the nomination from the floor to let their name stand for the election. 

Voting Eligibility
  1. Each member of the Board, per Bylaw 1:08 shall have one (1) vote each at all meetings, except any current SNB staff or appointed members.
  2. Each registered team in good standing shall have one (1) vote each at each Annual General Meeting.
  3. Each Registered League in good standing, whose teams are all members of S.N.B. Inc. shall have one (1) vote at the Annual General Meeting granted to the league designate.
  4. Each elected director of a Regional Association is to have one (1) vote at Softball New Brunswick Inc.’s Annual General Meeting excluding Regional Umpire Associations. (See Umpires Constitution
  5. Members 18 years of age or older and a member in good standing, ordinarily a resident in New Brunswick, shall be entitled to vote as per Bylaw Article 5 Section 4.01.

Click here for a copy of the 2021 Softball NB AGM Booklet

Click here for a copy of the 2021 Softball NB AGM Minutes

Click here for a copy of the 2020 Softball NB AGM minutes