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Isabelle Boudreau

What is your Name?

My name is Isabelle Boudreau

How old are you?

I am 19 Years Old.

Where are you from?

I am from Memramcook, NB.

What school are you currently attending?

I am attending Pace University in Pleasantville, NY, USA.

What division of NCAA softball do you compete in?

I am in the Northeast-10 Conference of NCAA Division 2.

What are you currently studying?

I am currently in my second year (Sophomore), and I am studying Psychology.

What position(s) do you play?

I am an outfielder. I typically play either Left Field or Center Field. If I were to pick one, I would prefer Center Field

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Nothing out of the ordinary. Before a game my teammates and I like to play a lot of hacky sack. I also like to get a good night’s sleep before a game, do some visualization, and listen to music.

What is your favorite thing about the game of softball?

When I was 8 years old, my family and I took a trip to Florida, and we went to a sporting goods store. My dad told me to pick out my first softball glove. On that same trip, we went to watch a university softball game, and from that point, I fell in love with the game. When we got back home my dad, Raoul Boudreau, started the Memramcook Softball Association. This is where my softball career started.

What is your favorite place softball has taken you?

Softball has taken me to a lot of different places, but my favorite place I have went would be California. I had the opportunity to play in a major tournament, at a beautiful 8 field facility.

I have also gone to camps numerous times in Las Vegas.

However, within Canada, I also had the opportunity to play in White Rock, British Columbia, which is also considered ‘Softball City’.

What does a typical week look like as a student-athlete (i.e. Training/Practice/Games etc.)?

During a season (Non-COVID year) we practice on average 6 days per week (On Field). We typically have 1 game throughout the week, and then play 4 games on the weekend (2 double headers). In a regular season, we play approximately 54 games between March and May.

On top of that and our regular class schedule, we do 8 hours per week of study hall, and 4-5 hours of strength training.

We play teams such as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc.

How have you been handling/keeping busy during the COVID-19 situation?

I have been handling it well so far. I have been going on a lot more runs lately, to remain active, and don’t go into the city quite as much. Before I came back to school in the fall, I was a bit hesitant until I was sure I would be safe.

What do you consider your career (to date) highlight?

I would say my career highlight would be finishing 4th top batter (.500) at Canada games at the age of 16 and working out and practicing with the Canadian national team while living in BC and attending the Yale Softball Academy.