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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to our COVID-19 Return to Play. While this summer is certainly going to look different from others, we are eager and excited for our members to be able to get back onto the fields in a safe and health manner.

If you do not see your question listed on this page, please feel free to contact us at executivedirector@softballnb.ca, and we will be sure to promptly answer and add it to this page

Where can I find a copy of the Return to Play Protocol?

– A copy of Phase 1 of the Return to Play Protocol can be found HERE
– A copy of recommended Adult Modified Game Rules can be found HERE

I am a ‘parent helper’ for my association’s Timbits Softball Learn to Play Program, do I need to register as a coach with Softball New Brunswick?

– No. Parent helpers are not required to register with Softball NB as coaches, but will be asked to supply their full names and phone numbers to the clubs.

I am the teams designated ‘Sanitation Champion’ or ‘Additional Assigned Team Personnel’, do I need to register with Softball NB for membership?

– Not necessarily. Any sanitation champion or additional assigned team personnel that is an active member of the teams bench / roster and is actively participating in a team practice/game where risk may present itself, must register with Softball NB. However, members who are simply assigned to helping with the attendance / sanitation of the equipment or facility are not required to register with Softball NB. Sanitation Champions or Additional Assigned Team Personnel must submit their names and phone numbers/emails to their clubs indicating their position on the team for the associations records.

Softball New Brunswick is asking for associations/leagues to submit an Operational Plan for approval. What is this, and where do I start?

– Softball NB is asking all associations/leagues to submit a COVID-19 Return to Play Operational Plan, as it is a requirement from GNB for businesses to carry one. Associations/Leagues may simply adopt the Softball NB Return to Play Phase 1 Operational Plan (by adding their association/leagues name to it). This protocol may be tailored to better suit your organization, but is considered the ‘minimum standard’ that must be upheld.

I am a coach looking for modified practice drills for my minor team that promote social distancing. Where can I find some?

-Softball NB has created a Return to Play Practice Drills Coaching Development Committee dedicated to creating universal practice plans for coaches needing help getting started. These practice plans / drills are currently being finalized, and will be shared with our membership very soon.

How are we supposed to play softball if there is sharing of balls?

It is important to note that we at Softball NB fully understand that during these modified practices/games there will be moments where multiple people are touching the same ball (playing catch, running a drill, etc.). It is in the nature of the game. The purpose of this document is about minimizing the number of touches on the ball as much as possible, not eliminating. For example: it is not required to sanitize a ball every time 3 or more athletes touch a ball (this is unrealistic to expect from our teams). As long as teams are ensuring the outlined return to play protocol is being followed, and they are sanitizing frequently throughout the activity, that is fine with us.

I run a Timbits Softball Learn to Play program, and am looking for help on how to run my programs this summer. Where can I find guidelines?

-Softball Canada has released a modified Timbits Softball program for their members, FREE! It can be found HERE

I/My Child registered with Softball New Brunswick to play this summer, but are reconsidering playing this summer due to COVID-19. What happens with my membership if we decide not to play?

– Softball NB fully supports and understands our members concerns and decisions to not play this summer due to COVID-19 and its major health/safety risks. For information on COVID-19 membership refunds, please contact our Executive Director at executivedirector@softballnb.ca for more information or to begin the process. Refunds must be requested before Wednesday, July 1st, 2020.