Canadian Tire Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund

November 13, 2020

We are pleased to share that Softball New Brunswick has been selected by Canadian Tire Jumpstart to receive a grant from their Sport Relief Fund. The fund helps community sport organizations like ours continue to provide access to sport and play for Canadian kids. This grant will go a long way towards helping us to re-introduce programming (from grassroots to podium) post COVID-19 and host new initiatives in the future.

We are so fortunate to be 1 of 668 sport and recreation organizations from across Canada to receive grant funding from Jumpstart.

Thank you, Jumpstart!



  1. Тамара - January 21, 2021 at 2:53 pm

    Softball New Brunswick 13 Table 4 Opportunities of SNB Opportunities Description Implementation of provincial league Will provide increased opportunities for scouting and recruiting for teams for national championships Advocating for increased physical activity Movements like ParticpACTION, and increased emphasis on physical activity, may lead to a larger amount of people participating in softball Creating Lifetime Membership fees Generates additional profit for SNB, and helps to engage current and former players Exposure to National Championships SNB has the opportunity to apply to host national championships through Softball Canada. When they hosted the Senior Men’s Championships, their fan base reached 2,500 people for the final game, exposing many to the sport and increasing participation the following year (B. Despres, personal communication, November 18, 2014). Funding All sport organizations in New Brunswick are eligible to apply for funding, if none is provided by the provincial body. This money can help establish clubs in communities who are lacking the resources to do so independently. Establish Regional Contacts Aside from elected board members, the opportunity for SNB to identify an active individual in a region will aide in program regulation and delivery. Pilot Programs Since New Brunswick is open to trying new programs, they serve as a pilot for many Softball Canada programs. This provides opportunity to establish these programs and create more direct programming. Disseminate Responsibilities A further distribution of roles and responsibilities at the board level will allow part time staff the chance to focus on larger projects and will allow the board to become more efficient. Increased Professional Development With the increase in technology it is easy to connect people across the province for professional development. This will create more knowledgeable members who are better able to carry out the desired actions of the organization. 15. Softball New Brunswick 14 Table 5 Threats of SNB Threats Description New Brunswick Participation rates decreasing Less athletes to select from, therefore a smaller talent pool for national competitions, as well as decreased membership profit. Popularity of other sports People are participating in other sports. Many other sports have a longer season, making them more appealing to athletes. This may also be due to globalization of other sports. Environment (weather) The weather in New Brunswick includes long winters and fields cannot be played on until the snow has melted and they are dry. As well, SNB cannot access the fields during periods of rain. Season Length Fields in New Brunswick do not open until the end of May and are closed the first week of school. This makes it difficult to compete with provinces who have longer seasons and more time to train. As well, there exist few opportunities for indoor play. Increased competition for funding Due to increased legitimacy of other organizations, it is becoming more difficult to obtain grant money. As well, more organizations are moving to sponsorship models, thus increasing the competition for sponsorship. Dual Screen Technology is playing a bigger role in society. Individuals tend to be more passive and participate less in sport. Aging Population The population of New Brunswick is aging, thus decreasing the amount of youth available to play sports, and a decreased talent pool. Family Relationship Many two parent families have two working parents, leaving less time to volunteer and to provide transportation for their child. Early Specialization Athletes are specializing in sport early than ever before. This not only leads to burnout, but can also be detrimental for sports who rely on seasonal participants (such as softball). Indirect Competition The arts, technology and part-time student employment are all threats to participation in softball.

  2. Abadir Dulla Fatto - January 27, 2021 at 12:54 pm

    Dear/sir/Madam Poverty Relief Charitable organization( PRCO )non_profit _Orgazation working humanitarian aid assistance. For Education health,water and Santation hygiene.


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